«My purpose as a coach and as a human being is to facilitate awareness-based individual transformation, thus contributing to the necessary system change on our spaceship Earth.»

Executive Coach

Frank Schönenberger

  • Certified Executive Coach (IMD Lausanne)

  • ICF Member (International Coaching Federation)

  • Global Head of HR for a division with > 1700 employees in the financial sector

  • Extensive experience in personnel development, leadership development, mentoring and coaching

As a Senior HR Manager and Executive Coach, I am deeply committed to empowering individuals and organizations to unleash their full potential. By leveraging my extensive experience and capabilities, I not only adhere to high-quality standards but continually invest in my own self-development, all in the pursuit of making a meaningful impact.

Back Office

Barbara Schönenberger

  • Back Office & Administration

  • Experienced in Management Assistance, Clerical work, and Head of Secretariat roles

  • Finds solace, strength, and order in the mountains and the beauty of nature

Zu Frank

I have always been deeply interested in unlocking my potential, both professionally and personally. Consider me a mountain enthusiast, constantly pushing mental and physical boundaries. Whether it's mountain biking or skiing, I find immense joy in exploring the mountains.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have discovered my life's purpose and to live in alignment with my values and goals. It brings me great fulfillment to guide others in uncovering their truth and achieving fulfillment.

As a coach and a fellow human being, my mission is to foster individual growth through awareness, ultimately contributing to the essential collective transformation on our planet Earth.


My fundamental beliefs on human development are as follows:

  • People have free will and are basically good

  • People are motivated to self-actualize

  • People are their own best experts and best source of reference for their well-being and development

  • The freedom to think for oneself is the key to unfold their dreams

  • The individual’s thoughts, assumptions and beliefs are true for a person, whatever other people may think. It’s the person’s own choice to change these in its sole discretion.

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